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banner wild card Westbon 2017 Road Trip Challenge - Wild Card Challenge

1. What’s in it for you?

The winner of our Wild Card Challenge will be offered $1,000 cash rewards!
The runner up will be offered $500 cash rewards!

2. How to enter the competition?

There’s no need for any form of registration! Teams need to complete at least 3 of the following 9 assigned tasks, but we always encourage you to do as many as possible to improve your chance of winning!

Post your task completion through your social media accounts (For everyone’s convenience, please use ONLY ONE account per platform throughout the challenge) and tag Westbon’s social media accounts in order to participate in our Wild Card Challenge!

  1. Task 1: Make a short video! Tell us about yourselves and express your team spirit!
  2. Task 2: Try out a strange and/or exciting restaurant during your trip and tell us which one of you is the ultimate foodie!
  3. Task 3: Record a chorus video. Be Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Anna Kendrick, or whoever you want! Please please DON’T CRASH your car while doing it!
  4. Task 4: We dare you to take pictures with 10 different total strangers you encounter along the trip, without exposing your task.
  5. Task 5: Try to take a picture of yourself, or the whole team, doing handstand in front of a landmark for 10 seconds!
  6. Task 6: Selfies are always welcomed. Take a team selfie from the rear-view mirror of your car, while you’re NOT driving on the road!
  7. Task 7: Make a short video and introduce the most amazing site you’ve ever seen along the trip! Try to be creative and impressive!
  8. Task 8: Animals are adorable, aren’t they? Do an interesting and challenging team selfie with a local special animal!
  9. Task 9: Find a (less-than-$50) unique souvenir/local gift for yourself or your team member, and briefly explain why you picked this gift.

3. How to submit the tasks?

Participants can use the following social media channels to complete their tasks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You have to post the pictures or videos on at least two of the social media platforms mentioned above. For every “task post” that you post, please make sure to follow the following steps: 

Use our hashtag #westbonroadtrip in every post

(Mention) @ westbon’s official accounts in every post, so that we will be noticed right away and won’t miss your posts!  

4. Post-trip Task

After completing at least 3 of the assigned tasks in Section 1, participants need to send all the relevant materials that you have (i.e. photos, videos, etc) to our email address BEFORE April 16th. Also, you have to make sure to…

  1. Upload the video(s) to YouTube, and provide us all the link(s) to the videos; 
  2. Provide at least 5 but no more than 10 pictures that your team took during the road trip, and write up what's special about this picture or why do you think it’s interesting in the caption;
  3. Put all your video links, pictures, and captions in a Word document. Please try to make it as elaborated as possible and show as much team spirit as you can! Don’t forget to include relevant information of your team. (i.e. team name, members’ names, school name, and contact information)

5. Who gets to vote?

Between April 20th to April 26th, each team who is qualified to participate in Wild Card Challenge will have a unique web page for your own team on Teams who receive the most votes from the public will be granted cash rewards and other prizes from Westbon! 

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